Love is in the air 😘

Loathe it or love it, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us.

I’ve always loved dating. Whether it turns into true love or not, connecting with another person is always a good use of time. As far as I’m concerned you can’t lose: Bad date? You get to learn something about yourself and what you’re really looking for. Good date? Speaking to a person you don’t know opens you up to new experiences and points of view. Perfect match? Nothing beats the feeling of clicking with someone on a fundamental level.

But does that only apply to romance? I don’t think so. We could all benefit from more professional dating. It’s so easy to go for days only talking to people from your organisation or industry. How can we develop as people and as professionals if we don’t expose ourselves to different experiences, opinions, and skills?


At thirdbridge, we believe in cross-sector collaboration. Who needs sex, drugs and rock & roll when you have the excitement of introducing two perfectly compatible organisations? Not us, that’s for sure.

Our free network works just like a dating site. Sign up, advertise what you have to offer, and search for potential matches. Looking for no strings fun? One-off opportunities are for you – fire off a quick donation, volunteer for one day, or run a sponsored marathon to get your heart racing. More into casual dating? Check out our short-term opportunities – match your expertise with what a charity needs and help them over a few months. Or maybe see a few charities at the same time – we won’t tell. Searching for true love? There’s a charity out there waiting to sail off into the sunset and form a shared value, mutually-beneficial partnership.

Still a sceptic about virtual dating? We’ve got you covered. We agree that nothing beats a personal touch. Just contact our Cupid-in-residence ( and she’ll talk through what you’re looking for with you and do her best to personally introduce you to a potential match. And they said romance was dead.

So don’t worry if you don’t have a date this year, with our help you’ll be the Casanova of cross-sector collaboration in no time!


Blog written by Rose Delfino, Community Development and Marketing Manager, thirdbridge



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