How to survive the apocalypse

2016 got a lot of bad press. Everyone was relieved to see the back of it. But now we’re in 2017 and the reality is setting in. Trump has taken the reigns. Brexit is taking shape. It’s a whole new world and we have to face it without Leonard Cohen and David Bowie.

The world is swinging further and further to the right. The political left in the UK is in disarray as a contentious leader struggles to take control. Meanwhile, UKIP select a leader straight from the Labour heartlands.

Social and environmental progress is truly in danger. Rex Tillerson’s prominent position in Trump’s regime threatens less focus on renewables. Closer to home, our beloved health service is suffering an alleged ‘humanitarian crisis’. Amber Rudd’s infamous speech about companies compiling lists of foreign workers is now being considered a ‘hate incident’ by police. Things are getting serious.

It would be easy to put our heads in the sand and just let it wash over us. But what would that achieve? Did Martin Luther King Jr. just accept the status quo? Did the suffragettes just moan over a G&T to their mates? The great opportunity of these troubling times is the hope that people will come together and rise up against it.


thirdbridge exists to tackle the social and environmental problems that our world faces. In my opinion, these political developments will only increase the need for a service like ours. Charities will have more demand, and companies will have even more of an onus to behave responsibly and address the growing need for their input.

So what can you do as an individual?

If you’ve thought about volunteering but have never got round to it, then now is the time. Pick a cause that you care about, find a charity doing impactful work to tackle it, and give them a call to see if they need help.  Volunteering is a great way to use your time and skills to make a positive difference, and it can improve your confidence and develop your skills too. Struggling to find a volunteer opportunity? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you.

Concerned about your environmental impact? Commit to making three days a week meat-free.

Are you a runner? Why not make your next race sponsored? Or check out the Good Gym to do good deeds on your next run.

Do you work for a company that already does good stuff? Get involved in their initiatives and promote them to your colleagues. Let your employer know about thirdbridge – we can help them get even better at doing good.

Not sure your company is as ethical as it could be? Put some pressure on them. Employees have a voice and you can use yours to shape your company’s social policies. Gather a group of like-minded colleagues and put your case forward. We can help – just reach out to us for support.

We may just be individuals, but together we can make a huge difference. Join us – let’s do this together.


Blog written by Rose Delfino, Community Development and Marketing Manager, thirdbridge



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