How to advertise the support you need on thirdbridge


We love playing match-maker but our dream is to step back and let you find each other without our help. We’re growing steadily and we’re finally going to have our first big influx of volunteers. Yay!

This means that people are going to be looking for opportunities. So, you need to make sure you’re as appealing as possible to attract the attention you deserve.

If you’re using the thirdbridge network as a charity or social enterprise, these are the three most important things to remember when adding an opportunity for a company or volunteer to support you:

  1. Each individual opportunity should be a separate entry

There may be companies or volunteers on the network who are only able to help with one thing and you don’t want to put anybody off by sticking everything in together. Think of it this way: the more opportunities you have, the more companies or volunteers you can potentially engage with.

  1. Be clear about what is required for each opportunity

Don’t select every support category! If you select ‘money’ on a volunteering opportunity it might make people think twice about getting involved. Your overall profile is linked to every category you’ve selected, so you’ll come up in searches as an organisation.

  1. Stay on topic

We know everything you do at your charity is amazing. We know that you would benefit from all different kinds of support. However, focus on one thing at a time and showcase each opportunity properly rather than trying to cram everything into one.

The trickiest part is deciding which support category best suits your opportunity. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Have a look at these guides that explain exactly what each one means, and shows you an example for each one:




















If your opportunity is a bit more long-term, strategic, or complex, you can also combine the support categories in any way you like. There’s two examples here:

If you have any questions, need any support, or would like us to add opportunities on your behalf, then just let us know! Contact Rose on

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