CEB, now Gartner Pro Bono Impact Day 2017

Every yeaceb logo newr CEB, now Gartner run a Global Impact Week. It’s an incredible commitment to giving back. Every office around the world takes part and employees are encouraged to spend the week using their time and skills to make a huge difference to charities.

This year, we were lucky enough to get to be a part of this amazing week. We helped to organise a Pro Bono Impact Day which was kindly hosted at CEB, now Gartner’s London offices. 14 third sector organisations attended the day, armed with a strategic or organisational problem they needed help to solve. Based on the details of that project, we matched them with CEB, now Gartner employees who had the right skills to help them overcome their challenges.

‘It is lovely to work with charities and help them help people.’

vso group 3

‘Informative, tailored to our needs, fascinating discussion – surpassed expectations.’

Example project:

Kingston Samaritans, a branch of the national Samaritans charity local to one of CEB, now Gartner’s offices, came to the event after struggling to prospect, approach and pitch to local businesses for support. They were matched with three volunteers who embraced the challenge whole-heartedly.

In the words of Tom from Kingston Samaritans, ‘It was a pleasure to meet such analytical, charming, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and community minded people.’

I listened in to some of their discussions and every person was really engaged and the discussion was wide-ranging and inspiring. Some advice included:

  • creating a menu of simple ways a company could support them
  • asking for a meeting first rather than a donation
  • stressing to local employers that the charity supports many people in the local area, meaning that some of their employees or customers are likely to be beneficiaries
  • thinking about providing services to employers around mental health as another income stream

Kingston group

‘An amazing day of insight and sharing.’

I’m obsessed with pro bono volunteering. Just thinking about the impact that a few hours can have on a charity and its beneficiaries blows my mind. Making one operational area more efficient with some sage advice from experienced professionals can lead to exponential change within the charity. By improving HR for example, the charity will save time and money in the short-term. But by putting that practice into advice in the long-term, by choosing the best person to hire, retaining talented staff, and maximising L&D opportunities, the service that charity offers becomes better and they are able to reach more beneficiaries. It’s amazing to even think about, so seeing it happening in real life was a really emotional experience.

Working with the team at CEB, now Gartner was inspiring, and seeing how engaged every single volunteer and charity representative was reaffirmed all the reasons why I chose to work at thirdbridge in the first place.

‘A meaningful event for both charities and volunteers. Giving back is great.’

rosedelfino_bwPost by Rose – Community Development & Marketing Manager at thirdbridge.

If your company would be interested in hosting a similar event or your charity would be interested in attending one, please feel free to contact me on

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